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It’s Friday \\ Here Are Some Things 

the campus center, lunchtime friday

It’s Friday, peeps! We made it! Thank God and hallelujah and all those sorts of things. Little happy dances etc. This week was super busy right from the beginning so I packed a whole bunch of studying and writing and thinking (and ok, yes, some stressing too) into all of 4 days and then breathed a sigh of relief. My class load on Thursday and Friday is light so I’m usually just on a slow coast to the weekend (which, let me tell you, feels so good). It generally involves some deep breathing and chocolate croissant eating and lots of long distance phone talking. It makes me so grateful for the college schedule, having such flexible hours and the ability to spend free time how I choose and focus on things I love. I’d call myself an exceptionally lucky human being.

here is an unrelated picture of a bangin’ gyro from sunday night

We’ve got one more day in February and I’m going to to ahead and call this month the month of listening.

I’ve been listening to music-so much music. There was a while there when the only thing I listened to was Bon Iver, who is great and maybe my spirit animal but it’s also so fun to be discovering new and really wonderful songs and artists. I feel like I’m getting back into this finding new music thing after a hiatus, a while of the tried and the true and stumbling upon things that I liked but didn’t really love. More on this soon.

I’ve been listening to podcasts. Boy, have I been listening to podcasts. It started at the gym-I’d go and listen to NPR and run. And it was a great diversion from the treadmill! Because I do love running but I do not love treadmills and I really need something to focus on other than the fact that I’m moving in place and can see exactly how many minutes I have left to go every single second. So! When I as home a few weekends ago I had this magical discovery that podcasts are just all the awesome programs that they play on WUNC on the weekends and I downloaded This American Life and Snap Judgement and Invisibilia and Radiolab and etcetera and so forth. It’s been seriously the best thing, except for how much they drag me in and then I don’t want to do anything else but sit and eat some cheesy toast and listen. Sigh. That’s the life, I gotta say.

#observemywallet. check it out on instagram, yo.

So this weekend I’m going to eat a lot of good food and hopefully do a lot of work and fingers crossed develop more blog ideas. Looking forward to manicures with Claire tonight (which should be such a treat!). The next few weeks are going to be full of visitors and travelling and, oh yeah, also doing that thing called college. I’d like to spend the upcoming days collecting my wits and planning and bringing out my productive side.

Three cheers to that, my friends.


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Happy Friday, friends.

I feel like every spring semester I rediscover how much I love to be alone and then I start doing things like holding conversations with myself and practicing yoga and spending solo time in coffee shops. I tell myself, most days, hey there, ya know, it’s a good day to be alive. I call myself Olive when I need a lil’ motivation. I spend more time listening to my thoughts and my breath. I think maybe I’m quieter. I take some time to make peace.

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat and also this one this one which makes me want to get up and dance. I’m excited to do some exploring, some eating, some Dr. Dog watching in the next few days. Some reading for school because I gotta kick this semester into gear at some point. Cheers to the weekend and the week and cheers to today because, after all, it’s a good day to be alive.