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“If you’re feeling down, just go do something. Clean your room or do some German. Drink good coffee and work on yourself.”

I’m spending time taking some deep breaths. Remembering to love the ordinary, and the bad, and the good. Making plans and taking time to spend quiet moments alone. I’ve been listening to music¬†and doing homework and submitting abroad deposits and crafting my first Observer article.

Sending out positive vibes this Tuesday. \\

Hate is heavy. Let it go.



here's a tip

Here’s a tip:

Whenever you’re feeling down or disappointed or disconnected, go outside. Start walking. Take a minute to put on your favorite song and then look up,¬†around you, above you. Feel the wind on your face and the way your hair ruffles, notice the manner in which your feet set themselves down and come up again. See the slant of light on the buildings and the trees silhouetted against the sky and street signs, next to the roads under the bodies that travel across them. Observe the people walking around you and past you, observe your heart, observe the way your feelings change when you see those moments around you as art rather than the everyday. Take a breath. Let it out. Detect yourself in the midst of it all.