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More photos: of Carrboro, of kids, of downtown Greensboro and trees and, of course, coffee.


Right Here Right Now

It’s Friday! Here are some things that made this week:

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PACKING: for a week at the beach, leaving tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to swim and lay in the sand and hear the waves and smell the air, and sit on the porch swing reading with morning coffee. I’m hoping to fit in a few runs and also wake up one morning for the sunrise. Mmmm.

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LISTENING: to alllllllll the podcasts on nightly walks with Lucy. Most notably Mortified (found via A Cup of Jo), Note to SelfThe Moth, but lots of others too.

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DRINKING: lattes. Iced. Preferably with a side of crumb cake.

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READING: Euphoria & Not That Kind of Girl. Euphoria was a gift from my grandma for my birthday and I read it like wildfire in two short days. It was fascinating and beautiful and made me want to learn lots more about Margaret Mead. I found Not That Kind of Girl on the dresser of the lady I babysit for and have been reading it while hanging out at home with the kids all week. I haven’t seen Girls but this book makes me a solid Lena Dunham fan–it’s smart and funny and all of the other wonderful things people have said about it.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetPAINTING: flowers & scenes from my trip to Boone with Mike last week. Hoping to keep it up at the beach and going forward. I haven’t painted things from sight for a long time and it’s lots of fun to stretch my brain like that.

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HANGING: out with two goobers. Every day I’m more grateful to be getting to know these kids this summer–even if Eloise beats me at chess every time + Sammy steals things from my room every time he comes over.

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THANKING: the universe for wonderful friends to chat with and wonderful boyfriends to bring sunflowers and a wonderful garden to pick lots of sungold tomatoes and make delicious fresh pesto from. Happy to be home and looking forward to a very busy few months.

Summer on Film \\ 001

Some photos from the first week of summer vacation–I have several more rolls developed and several others waiting to be shot.






Hiking the Eno with Julie.


Late afternoon at the Green Bean, writing.



Boba tea with lovely hilarious people.




Walking, walking, walking, usually the same paths to the same places but more often now with the company of a podcast.



Lunch date.





More hiking, more walking, more chocolate and laughs.


Candles before bed.


He doesn’t love posing but I love taking pictures and this one is lovely.

I think every roll I take I love a little bit more. This first try was new for me because I’d never shot in color before and I was still figuring that out. It’s amazing to me how differently my brain works when trying to capture an image in black & white–I think it requires an attention to different elements and an awareness of unique capabilities. I wish I could develop these myself (I miss the process so much), but dropping them off at Walgreens is more efficient + accessible + works just fine.