All I Want

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All I Want : Kodaline 

So you brought out the best of me,
A part of me I’ve never seen.
You took my soul and wiped it clean.
Our love was made for movie screens.

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It’s finally spring. It’s spring and tonight is one of those nights when you can feel it, the newness of grass and leaves and the water compressed in the air. The wind whips as a reminder of the change and branches breathe heavy in the sky.

It’s easy for me to feel alive in the midst of all this growth. I love the smell of the rain and I love the way it feels on my face in the dark against the night sky. I love the grass beneath my feet and the way the earth moves in, just a little, to accommodate my steps above. I love finding a song and listening to it over and over and over because it makes me marvel at this singular, full, vibrating life, marvel at this selfhood that I have and forget and remember again, marvel at my legs, moving in circles on the pavement as I twirl around and around like a crazy person or maybe a person not so crazy after all. I love the big bursting feeling of it all, of being alive and alert; I am a girl in motion, I am propelled by breath and muscles and beats and the stuff of the heart.

I am a tiny part of this gigantic, pulsating Earth, in motion. I am of the universe and a universe in myself. I am love and light, darkness, I am whirling and still and tired, I’m awake and alert and I’m human.

Pictures from Alaska, summer 2011.