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“If you’re feeling down, just go do something. Clean your room or do some German. Drink good coffee and work on yourself.”

I’m spending time taking some deep breaths. Remembering to love the ordinary, and the bad, and the good. Making plans and taking time to spend quiet moments alone. I’ve been listening to music and doing homework and submitting abroad deposits and crafting my first Observer article.

Sending out positive vibes this Tuesday. \\

Hate is heavy. Let it go.


March Music Mix

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It’s Friday, folks.

This week has been long and different than expected. It’s involved a lot of love and a lot of laughs and also some tears and tired eyes. It hasn’t been perfect but then again, what ever really is? I’m thankful for the moments we have, however perfect or imperfect they may be. I’ve been thinking a lot about this Natalie Jean interview-especially about being in a place that’s so frustrating and you’re feeling anxious and freaked out in the moment and all these things are happening all at once and then you realize, these are the good days.  In her words:

Someday I’ll look back on this and be like ‘man, that was wild. That was hard and how fun was that?’” All it takes is just a tiny shift in perspective to remind yourself, “this right here is kind of a miracle!” I can love this while I’m in it instead of looking back and being like “oh, that really wasn’t so bad.”

Really focusing on that right now, while waiting in line for Mike’s cough medicine prescription at CVS or sitting tired on the T late at night or walking outside in spring shoes and being way, way too cold. Hopefully tomorrow morning at 4:15 in the cab on the way to the airport. We’ll see. Wish me luck 🙂 (<<can we talk about this wonky smiley face for a sec? hehe)

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So on to the main attraction.

Guess what?!

I have a music mix and it is for you. Actually, its for my bff Julie, with whom I’ve been exchanging mixes every month since the September of our senior year of high school. But for our purposes, it is for you. I figured, why not share the wealth? Making these playlists has gone back and forth between being my favorite, most inspiring thing to being my eh, ok I gotta get this out for Julie thing, to being my OH MY GOD SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC thing. Definite fluctuations. But right now I’m feeling really happy finding new music and March in particular is real good. I think I’m back on track. Yay! Insert little happy dance (because we’re talking about music… eh… get it? k thanks cool).

Here is a link to some A+ March tunes, if you’re in a listening mood. A few thoughts on the list:

1) March mixes are never complete without a song off of The Velvet Underground and Nico. This year it was Here Comes the Sun. In my opinion, Sunday Morning and Femme Fatale would work just as well. It depends on the year, I guess.

2) I absolutely fell in love with Summer Underground over the course of February. I’m super into all of their albums/songs. Really cool music and story and lots of love.

3) You can’t always get what you want. This American Life, Episode 581, Act 4. Listen to it. You’ll thank me.

4) I sang I Found a Reason at a high school coffeehouse 5 years ago this week. #memories. What comes is better than what came before, indeed.

This has been olive, over and out.

Feb. 8 : Feb. 14 & Feb. 15 : Feb. 21 & Feb. 22 : Feb. 28

We’re about to get real caught up on photos of the week, friends.

Some say that February is, hands down, the worst month. And some arguments, I’d agree, are pretty convincing. But I’ve found that, as cold and dark and generally sad as February is, it’s passed surprisingly quickly for me the past few years. Broken up with travels home and the day of love and permeated with a whole lot of work, it’s all at once here and kind of horrible and kind of happy and then, suddenly, gone.

On the first day of March I think it’s appropriate to get caught up. To take stock and accept the losses and be proud of the wins. That’s the crucial balance, isn’t it?-maintaining the ability to evaluate with softness, to embrace flaws and failures and focus on future proactivity without giving negativity the permission to consume you. So here we go. Let’s emphasize happiness. Let’s give attention to being productive and kind and doing the right things, for ourselves. Grab a cup of coffee and we can start now.


Sunday Feb. 8 : So much Spanish reading. Like seriously, so much. But i made french press coffee to make it better (which it always does, amirite?). Sidenote, I’ve been using at least three different colored pens to annotate anything lately. Hehe. Am I five years old or a college student with effective study habits? You decide.


Monday Feb. 9 : Working on the layout for Tufts Observer issue 2 (#money). This ended up being my least favorite layout so far but overall I’ve been really enjoying working on the magazine in general and am really proud of the articles and visuals we’ve been producing.


Tuesday Feb. 10 : Self portrait. Selfie? I was really feeling this outfit-just leggings and the best blue goodwill (Land’s End?) button up. Casual and cool(ish).


Wednesday Feb. 11 : Here is Claire’s closet. We were having a fashion show. Heh. Nuff said.


Thursday Feb. 12 : It was snowing again. Sigh. This was on the way into Boston to take care of some last minute things before my Friday morning flight.


Friday Feb. 13 : Look! The ground still exists somewhere in the world! This was on the way from the airport home (after the Olive Garden, ahem). It wasn’t warm but it was warmer and I was so happy to see a world that wasn’t white.


Saturday Feb. 14 : Guys I calculated and I had 5 cappuccinos in 4 days while at home. Maybe that’s a problem? Yolo. I really like this picture-maybe the way you can see tiny bubbles on the top of the coffee of the intricate hearts or the little spoon nestled between cup and saucer. This was at Caffe Driade with Mike and Julie. Lots of essay writing and laughing and caffeine drinking (obvi). Intense heart eyes.


Sunday Feb. 15 : A beautiful drive from Greensboro to Boone.


Monday Feb. 16 : This is an iPhone pic and not a great one at that-but it captures the spirit of the night. Tired and cold and very dark. Missing home is always the worst right when you leave it.


Tuesday Feb. 17 : lol.


Wednesday Feb. 18 : Lunch at Tamper with Claire and Sahar. Great coffee, overpriced food. And why do they put it on those huge plates?! Ahh it drives me crazy! Food should fit the plate it’s on, is all I’m saying.


Thursday Feb. 19 : Here is my bed. And here are my pajamas. Yay.


Friday Feb. 20 : Grey Season at Sound Lion in Harvard. Super cool Boston group hosted by Sound of Boston. I’ve really gotten into their music recently and this was a super fun little show.


Saturday Feb. 21 : Breakfast and Magnificent (magical marvelous majestic) Muffins & Bagels after grocery shopping and before work. So many noms.

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Sunday Feb. 22 : Dinner at Greek Corner with Aunt Debra and Uncle Justin. Seriously, the best gyros around. Sososo good. I was feeling stressed out with homework and an overflowing schedule but this dinner was on point. Mmm.


Monday Feb. 23 : So guys I eat a lot of food if that was unclear. I brought this clementine to the dining hall. And that mug. Ha. #ohwell.


Tuesday Feb. 24 : Hi let’s go do more homework. This girl walked into my picture (which was fine) but a sweet old man waited until I was done to go into the library. ❤


Wednesday Feb. 25 : Lunch. Exams. Matching sweaters (not pictured).


Thursday Feb. 26 : The darkroom. So much love for that place.


Friday Feb. 27 : I got a manicure ahhhhh. And it was great. And you wanna know what? Out of all these colors I chose black. So there.


Saturday Feb. 28 : Breakfast with Yumi and a crepe and a large green tea. So refreshing and really happy.

I can hear spring, folks. It’s calling my name. Let’s finish this season strong.