Feb. 1 : Feb. 7


Sunday Feb. 1 : Laundry in the nighttime. And fresh sheets! Sleeping on fresh sheets is just the best thing, let me tell you.


Monday Feb. 2 : Snow day pt. 3. Cuddles and the best cheesy English muffins.


Tuesday Feb. 3 : First day in the darkroom! It was super cool to go through the process of physically making a picture, and made me so excited to make many more.


Wednesday Feb. 4 : The line for Mail Services. Some nice repetition, amirite? A study of the things people do when they wait in lines–People in lines 2k15. Out on the shelves any day now.


Thursday Feb. 5 : It’s a print, it’s a print! Of Sahar being beautiful, as always. Seriously, guys, making these things is so cool. Eeek!


Friday Feb. 6 : We had the sweetest dinner at the sweetest restaurant in Beacon Hill. I’m such a fan of that area and it’s always lovely to discover new treasures. The food was delicious and it was quiet and cozy and absolutely perfect for a freezing February night.


Saturday Feb. 7 : Brunch for Eve’s birthday at Gaslight, which I highly, highly recommend. The waiter was super nice and the food was incredible. The coffee was bottomless. We managed to spill something again! Claire had Chamomile tea at 11 in the morning (?)! Everyone was a little fuzzy but it was good eats with good people and that’s something I’m always grateful for.


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