Jan. 13 : Jan. 24

Sometime late last November, I started craving a change of pace. There were a lot of moments last fall when a strange sort of gloom swooped down and settled quietly on my shoulders and rested for an hour or an afternoon. It made me ache for an escape, and I decided I needed a project. I’ve always loved creating things and making art and using my hands and using my mind and I needed a way to do this every day, and also I needed a way to just do something everyday. I’ve never been good at accounting for my personal projects-it’s so easy for me to make goals and then let them slip quietly away. I was tired of it. I needed something to create and hold on to and make into a presence in my life, something to be responsible for and productive with outside of school.

So on December 1, I took my first [big camera] picture of the day. And I thought I might make this project just for a month or maybe 6 and then knew it had to be a year. Mostly, it’s just making me really happy. I’m learning a lot. I’m looking around me and finding beautiful things and finding a way to capture them in a beautiful way, one that’s exciting and eye-opening and humbling at the same time. It’s a good way to get out of a funk, I tell ya. It’s an outlet for growth every single day and also an opportunity to understand that yesterday, in it’s physical form, is gone. It’s a really delightful way to let go of the past and welcome the moment in which you are existing with open arms and a full heart.

Below are the photos I’ve taken since I returned to school; the rest are on Flickr. From now on I’ll be sharing photos here every Sunday, if you’d like to keep up with the project.

January 13

Tuesday Jan. 13 : First full day back with two of my very favorite people. We had lunch then went to Harvard that night for Shake Shack and a movie. It was exhilarating to be exploring again-moving around and feeling the life of this second home of mine.


Wednesday Jan. 14 : Day 1 of classes. Back to drinking tea, loving my bed, and trail mix (#noms). PS, bought that hat at Urban Outfitters for a whopping 90% off. PPS, how is a hat from Urban Outfitters $50?

January 15

Thursday Jan. 15 : Snow! Libraries! This feels like it was taken late at night but I think it was actually like 5:00. Sigh.

January 16

Friday Jan. 16 : The T post-grocery run. We went to Star Market. We bought a box of clementines to share. I had to ration them to myself for the next week to keep from eating them all in a day.

January 17

Saturday Jan. 17 : Boston. It was good to be back in the middle of everything again. I felt quiet and a part of something.

January 18

Sunday Jan. 18 : Claire and I had a stellar day. Delicious sandwiches from Flour, a quiet hour at the ICA, and then 2 peppermint mochas from Strbks (plz?). I love the blue in this and the bareness of buildings in construction.


Monday Jan. 19 : Hallo again my dearest friend aka the library. At least the light is good. And there’s a nice window to look out of.


Tuesday Jan. 20 : Tea & blog reading in the afternoon.


Wednesday Jan. 21 : I took a walk! To Davis! Just to pick up a cappuccino from Diesel and come back and mostly as an excuse to take pictures and enjoy being outside. It was rad. Also the ground/floor/area below my feet is grimy but I like it? That is all.


Thursday Jan. 22 : Looking up and feeling alive. En route to Mr. Crepe and some belgian chocolate toasted coconut goodness.


Friday Jan. 23 : Giggling under the covers like kids.


Saturday Jan. 24 : Post brunch pre art store also snow. We had the best food at Cafe Luna (like always) and afterwards I was walking slowly behind and looking and picture taking (also like always.) I may or may not have caused a miniature coffee fiasco i.e. spillage but I’m happy to have the best friends i.e. they were not outwardly embarrassed at my clumsiness.




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